The highest level of sophistication achieved as of yet is that of the pre industrial era.

Here, Cheap gadgets and weapons are held together by magic like it’s duck tape – high quality equipment sings like instruments.

There are no personal motor vehicles yet, anything smaller that a train is ludicrously expensive, high maintenance, or both. Engineers are dabbling in blimps and such, But no acutely maneuverable craft, or the concept of aerodynamics exist yet.

Magic isn’t just for mages, which is good, since while any living creature can house and generate magical energy, only a few aberrations can will it with their own minds.

Magitechnicians can easily bind magical forces and abilities to devices with mechanical or telepathic interfaces. These can be things as simple as a hand held search torch to something as sophisticated as the hugely powerful jump gates in the middle of Conduit

While such devices can draw from the user’s own magical energy, many run off Tumor Cells.


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