Chimera is and odd planet to say the least.
The first thing newcomers from Enjeru would notice is the distinct deficit of gravity. The second is the thinner air. Enjeru is right at home with stories of aliens and spaceships, choked with laser gun fights. But it’s also lacking in large amounts of FUTURE, so her inhabitants merely have the same Magitek-wise as pre-industrial Enjeru.

Filled to bursting with unconventional life forms and environments,
Enjeru is as exciting to adventurers as it is ravenous for them. Rich with Alchemical elements, many an entrepreneur have gone into it’s wilds, finding death just as often as riches.
While at first ecstatic With the arrival of new peoples and the exploration of their sister planet’s ecosystem, The newly formed Revan Constellate would rather their histories part ways.

While only one recognized nation exists on Chimera, This is not an indication of it’s girth.
Chimera is a very dangerous place Even for it’s Inhabitants.

The Revan Constellate is all that is left of Chimera’s previous queendoms.


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